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Portfolio 1: Watercolour Paintings

Here is a sample of paintings currently in private collections.

(Click images to enlarge)

Fish Frenzy.JPG

Fish Frenzy

Wetlands at high tide.jpg

Wetlands at High Tide

Towpath near Lancaster.jpg

Towpath near Lancaster

Devonshire Woodland.jpeg

Devonshire Woodland

Waterfall and Red Hills.jpg

Waterfall and Red Hills

Friendly Fish.JPG

Friendly Fish

Samos Afternoon.JPG

Samos Afternoon

Boulders and Waterfall on Dartmoor.jpeg

Boulders and Waterfall on Dartmoor

Cumbrian Hills.jpg

Cumbrian Hills

Pines and Pebbles.JPG

Pines and Pebbles

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